Jeremy Solomon '05

Hometown: Edison, NJ

High School: Edison High

Dimensions: 5' 10"- 6'1"/158-163

Personal Bests: 26:23/XC, 4:27/1600m, 9:27/3200m, 2:02/800m

Major: Yeah…

Alias: Solley, Cherry, Wolverine

Pre-race motivations: Variations on a theme: "That guy is too ugly to beat me.""No fucking way I lose to that ugly bastard." Maybe a little Rage, maybe some Eminem…you get the idea.

It all boils down to this: Though my ability to run has been somewhat compromised in these college years, having two Organic chemists as parents guarantees undetectable performance-enhancing drugs to aid my recovery and return to a squad that even Pillsbury would deem poppin' fresh.

My idea of "soul food": twizzlers (preferably pull n' peel), cereal, and ice cold milk

Hobbies: shitting, talking about shitting, shoe collecting, tight shirts, matching, completing the nine-ology, gameboy sp