Jon Kraus '04

Is that Damon?

Hometown: Emmaus, PA

High School: Emmaus High

Dimensions: 5-10.5/145

Major: Neuroscience and Behavior/Psychology

Personal Bests: 27:29/XC, 2:55:00/Marathon, 2:01.7/800m, 4:14.3/1500m (College)

------------------------4:33/1600m, 10:03/3200m, 16:33/5kXC (High School)

Alias: Diddle Monster, OBA (Original Bad Ass), Banana Bum, Krauser

Often Mistaken For: Damon Albarn, Bono, Noah Wyle

Top 5 Post-Beatles British Bands: Blur, Pulp, Super Furry Animals, Primal Scream, The Smiths

Bio/Personal Statement: Born out of love into a suburban wonderland he has grown to scorn for complacency, Kraus now ravages through cultural landscapes far and wide, in the pages of his history texts and the plains of his imagination. With a cynical hardened edge, yet the heart of an idealist, he pursues the group of people deemed "legit". Fueled by organic foods and the sonic kindling of sometimes yearning, often brash sounds of Brittania, he trudges onward to strike down hipsters, while bearing the scars of nearly succumbing to the pompadour.*


*email for a simplified translation or just a thoughtful conversation.