Bryan Thuggin' Bissell '04



Origins: The Puget Sound, Columbia River

High School: Stadium High (Tacoma, WA)

Dimensions: 5-9/148

Personal Bests: 25:39/XC, 15:33/5k, 32:55/10k, 9:03/3k, 4:12/1500m (College)

_____________-4:31/1600m, 9:50/3200m, 2:01/800m, 16:29/5kXC (High School)

Major: Government/Environmental Policy

Alias: BTB, Boneyard, The Seafarer, Boatswain, Ol' Taiwan Bootknocka

Major Influences: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Tecumseh, Dan Lazarek, Matt Holcom, Van Morrison, 2Pac, Seb Junger, Vince Coleman

The Dirt: Bones Bissell is what most would consider the Kurt Russell of the NESCAC: ruggedly handsome, confidently witty, and most likely to be wearing an eyepatch or driving the Pork Chop Express. Spawned on the shores of the Columbia, Bissell made his way as a young jack up to the Puget Sound where he hardened his skin by running through tough dockside streets and along the bluffs overlooking the straits of Juan de Fuca and Dalco. Noting his unorthodox, tank-like stride and sheer grit, Uncle Wind whispered unto him the secrets of nastiness, and since then he has always had salt in his veins and clouds in his eyes, at the ready to call upon the powers of wave and wind-battered cedar.

"If wind inherently means spirit, then running is a mix of poetry and steel. When the muscles stop working, thats when you run on bone." - BTB

Interests: Sunsets, The Ocean, Two-and-a-half-Hour Runs, Fields, The 'hood, Salmon Bakes, Indians, Taking it to the Limit

Honors: All-NESCAC XC/2002, All-New England XC/2001-2002-2003, All-Region 2003, XC Nationals 2003